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A not-so-long post about searches, cockyheaded phil, and the rabbi who rocks my world

   Monday, March 06, 2006

Hey everybody. I am sitting in the kitchen, looking at a pile of dishes as high as the Rabbi (who aside from being very tall, rocks my world, in case you didn’t know). And I figured, (being as neither 24 NOR CSI: Miami NOR anything with Russell Crowe is on), that I would get started with the Pesach cleaning early (because, I’m not sure if I mentioned that MY FAMILY IS COMING FOR PESACH!!!). But then I looked at the dishes, didn’t want to do them, cleaning for Pesach obviously isn’t happening either, so I decided to write my post on why MEN ARE PIGS. Um, that didn’t happen either. So here I am, writing this post at an ungodly hour (do you have to capitalize the "g" in ungodly? Anyone? Bueller?).

Remind me to post about the cutest thing that Little Phil did this Shabbos and also what cockyhead Phil did when I asked my husband (who rocks my world) to help me clear the table. (OK, Ok, I’ll tell you now. He told me that HE’S SURE THE RABBI WOULD RATHER REST AFTER A BUSY DAY AT SHUL. Excuse me??? Did I somehow miss it when the Rabbi cooked, cleaned and prepared to host cockyhead Phil to come for lunch after cockyheaded Phil invited HIMSELF??? I didn’t think so!!)

In other news, have some searches:

  • Bedikah carpool Pesach (Huh? I hope you found what you were looking for)
  • Hot babysitter Rabbi (not here… well, the Rabbi’s hot, but we don’t have a babysitter, hot or not…)
  • Rebbetzin shoes tips (uh..yeah. I’m still waiting for those. E-mail me if you figure out the whole how-to-buy-shoes-to-match-outfits thingy.)

Also, the moronic commenter who won’t go away and thinks that he knows everything, you clearly DON’T. So just… Get LOST.

(Ed. Note: In retrospect, just because I have moronic commenters who WON’T SHUT UP does not mean that I was not a tad harsh in my previous comment. So, forget I said it. OK?)

Oh, and one more thing? The things I said in my previous post? You know the one I wrote before this? I take it all back. I didn’t mean anything I said in it. Anything. At all. Actually, I LOVE the person I spent 12 paragraphs trashing just a day ago. That person, is actually, my BEST friend. (Sorry, Shifra, Shanna, and Dovie. Better luck next week.) On second thought, I think I will take the whole post down. Maybe I’ll just purge my whole archives. So everybody, all of those posts that you think I might have gone too far in, enjoy them now. Copy ‘em, print ‘em, do whatever you want with ‘em. Because soon, they will be GONE. Yup. Gone. No more.

Oh. And another little thing? If you leave a pot of leftover food out overnight in the kitchen? Don’t open the pot in the morning. Just don’t. Trust me. I did, and I wanted to BAAAAAARF.

Happy Purim, all. And I promise, my post about why MEN ARE PIGS will be coming soon. Unless it doesn’t.


   Saturday, March 04, 2006




Someone died! Well, that came out wrong. I'm so sorry that someone died, even though it was quietly, after a long productive life. But if someone dies, that means there was a FUNERAL! And that means a TIP for the RABBI (who rocks my world, btw)!! Now, obviously, I'd rather that Sadie's mom hadn't passed away (though she WAS 128), but if she had to, I'm SO GLAD that they called the Rabbi to officiate at the grave!